August 19, 2009

Green Ideas for Cheap!

Green Ideas for Cheap!

Everyone wants to help fight global warming, but I need to make sure that my wallet is not the casualty of the battle. If you follow some of these green ideas for cheap, you might find out that you can save the environment - and your wallet!

First, stock up on white vinegar. This is one of my favorite green ideas. This is a great all-purpose cleaner and can be used to clean floors, kitchen surfaces (it's especially good with grease) and bathroom surfaces. Mix it with essential oils of lemon of lavender for a pleasing scent (and microbial activity as well). You can also use white vinegar as an alternative to fabric softener in every load of laundry, even whites. Those companies that produce the chemically based cleaners will have to come up with green ideas of their own to compete with your new white vinegar revolution.

Organic food is delicious - and expensive. One of the tastiest green ideas is to grow your own vegetables and herbs. This is predicated on having space to grow them of course. However, I'm a renter without a yard and I grow herbs in window boxes and have a hydroponic grower that I use for lettuces. I have a fresh salads almost every day. If you don't want to bother with that, join a community-supported farm. This is like a collective and for $20 to $50 a week, you can have a big box of locally grown and organic foods for your whole family.

Using re-usable containers is one of the most forehead slapping green ideas. Not only are you throwing away pounds and pounds of garbage every year in coffee cups, take-out containers and water bottles, you're spending a fortune as well. Make your own coffee and bring it to work or school in a travel mug. Eco-friendly re-usable water bottles are now available in virtually any grocery or supermarket. Saving money and the planet is the combination I love seeing in the best green ideas.

So you see, green ideas don't need to be expensive ideas. In fact, all of the green ideas I've listed about would actually save you money. It's the biggest no-brainer I can think of. And all of them take no effort at all. When it comes to green ideas, you can keep the real green - your money - in your pocket and still do your part to help combat global warming and protect the Earth for future generations.

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Tips for Effective Garden Pest Control

Tips for Effective Garden Pest Control

I've been gardening for many years now. I took it up as a hobby after a friend told me how relaxing and rewarding it can be to tend to and raise my own vegetables. At first I was a bit skeptical about whether I'd even like it or not, but it didn't take long to realize that my friend was exactly right. Now I love nothing more than putting on some old clothes, listening to soft music on my iPod, and spending an entire Sunday afternoon pulling weeds and gathering my modest harvest.

The only thing I don't like about gardening is dealing with the incredible number of pests that attack my plants. Effective garden pest control is hard work, and takes a great deal of vigilance and perseverance. But there's no way around it if I want my corn, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, and cucumbers to thrive without any problems. So that's why I've been doing my best to gather good garden pest control tips that have worked well for others.

Of course, one way to control garden pests is to treat your plants with harsh chemicals that will kill everything from ants and fleas to aphids, slugs, beetles, and roaches. While this approach is generally cheap and effective, nobody wants to eat food that has come in contact with insecticides -- no matter how safe the manufacturers claim them to be. Even commercial growers have been abandoning chemical garden pest control methods in favor of more natural alternatives.

Because of the backlash against chemicals, there are now many organic garden pest control products on the market. These items usually consist of various combinations of ingredients like vinegar, sodium, potassium, garlic, rotenone, and mineral oils that work to eliminate common insects that attack gardens. In order to use organic solutions to control garden pests, you'll have to know exactly what kind of problems you're dealing with so you can choose the appropriate weapon.

Tiny bugs and insects aren't the only threat to gardens across America. Wildlife can be a major annoyance as well. It can be harder to keep wildlife out of gardens safely and easily, because obviously you don't want to harm any deer, rabbits, squirrels, or other animals in the process. One thing you can try is to install fencing in order to limit access, but this won't do much against birds or burrowing critters. People have reported having good luck placing various substances around the perimeters of their gardens. These include products that have a strong odor, like mothballs, or even the urine of natural predators (which can be purchased at garden pest control supply stores online).

If these garden pest control tips don't work for you, you can always call a team of professionals to come out and deal with the problem. That would be more expensive than doing it yourself, but it's definitely worth it!

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August 02, 2009

Garden Master 101 (weekly)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of Gardening Fun group favorite links are here.

June 13, 2009

Summer Garden Tips

Summer Garden Tips

Here are some great summer gardening tips and June garden tips to help you get that garden that you have always wanted These are guidelines based on previous gardening experience from many gardeners whom have been doing this for years, depending on your climate and its' temperatures you may experience different results!

Mid Summer Garden Tips

  • Watch out for insects such as aphids or white flies that become rampant as our plants grow larger and have less circulation between them. Remember to spray both upper and lower leaves with neem or pyola oil on a seven to 10 day cycle to keep these critters from destroying your plants. Also, order some beneficial insects such as ladybugs to help keep these insects under control.
  • Prune back your rose bushes after the first bloom. You can either dead head the spent blooms or do a major cutting back to keep them tame and under control. I tend to do the latter. Cut back all weak and dead wood as well. Lastly, clean up all spent leaves especially if they suffered from black spot. Plus, if black spot is a problem, use this homemade formula: Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and a 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent in one gallon of water.
  • Finish pruning all spring blooming bushes such as azaleas, rhododendrons, lilacs by mid-summer so that they can begin their new growth for next spring.
  • It is still not too late to plant summer blooming bulbs like dahlias or cannas. It's also not too late to plant quick-blooming summer seeds such as sunflowers, nasturtiums and cosmos.
Quick Tips For Summer Gardening & Early June Gardening Tips
  • Plant fall blooming bulbs in June.
  • Plant gladiolas in early June for bloom this summer.
  • Feed roses with a complete fertilizer in June.
  • Deadhead flowers for continuous bloom through the season.
  • Plant perennial seeds for next year at the end of June.
  • Plant fall pansy seeds in July.
  • Clean up spring bulbs after foliage has ripened.
  • Fertilize all flowering annuals every two weeks during summer.
  • Cut back baby's breath in July for a second late summer bloom.
  • Sow poppy seeds outdoors in August.
  • Divide bearded iris and lily of the valley bulbs in August.
  • Water container plants daily during hot dry weather.


  • Stop harvesting asparagus and rhubarb
  • Replace crops that have bolted with the heat and cool season flowers, like pansies
  • Get any remaining warm season vegetables in the ground
  • Keep up blanching of celery, cauliflower and tender greens
  • Plant a new batch of bush beans every couple of weeks
  • Keep tomato plants staked as they grow. Pinch out suckers.
  • Put a couple of drops of mineral oil on corn silks within a week after they appear, to prevent corn earthworm


  • Be prepared for ‘June Drop’ of fruit from fruit trees. They’re just thinning out to a manageable crop size. Clean up any fallen fruit.
  • Protect ripening berries with nets or row covers

Trees & Shrubs

  • If you want to prune or shear your evergreens, do so as soon as the new growth starts to turn a darker green. Once the wisteria finishes blooming, you can do a maintenance pruning to keep it in check


  • Summer is for insects. Be vigilant!
  • Keep watch for 4-lined plant bug damage, especially on the mint family
  • Japanese Beetles - They’re back!
Thanks for reading!

Whitney Segura
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June 08, 2009

Easy Grow 8x8 Review

Easy Grow 8x8 Greenhouse Review

Our experienced Hobby Greenhouse Review Staff rates this greenhouse a 8.5 out of a possible 10, because this greenhouse is very unique, has many great features, an inexpensive price, and is constructed with the highest of quality materials.

8x8 Easy 2 Build Greenhouse Review

This Easy 2 Build Greenhouse is a beautiful Forest Green color, it will add a beauty to your home that you never thought possible! The aluminum frame is extremely strong and durable. The panels of the greenhouses feature a 4 millimeter thick polycarbonate layering and are 100% UV resistant. This Rion Greenhouse is well known for being extremely reliable and cost efficient, our customers will tell you that this greenhouse kit is the real deal!

Why Buy STC Easy Grow Greenhouse Kits?

You should purchase this greenhouse kit for its amazing features with very inexpensive prices, it is one of the rare premium greenhouse kits with this low of a price.EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit

The Easy Grow 8x8 Greenhouse Easy 2 Build Features:

* Features a 4 millimeter thick double-wall opaque polycarbonate panels
* Frame painted a beautiful Forest Green Powder color.
* Standard roof vents help to keep fresh air circulation and ventilation.
* Ground Stakes for extra stability
* A REAL Door - No cheap sliding door, but a well built aluminum frame hinged door!
* A Base is not needed.
* Very easy to follow illustrated assembly instruction Manuel

Included Easy Greenhouse Purchase

Each Unit Comes With:
* Full shelving and roof vents standard
* Side vents for proper air circulation
* All in 2 boxes!

Additional Product Information:
Warranty: Lifetime frame warranty and a 7 year warranty on the polycarbonate covering.
8' Length x 8' Width
Shipping: Free shipping on this premium model!

Review Conclusion

As you can see that Easygrow Greenhouses have some amazing features, but you may have been shocked by the prices of the other sellers. They sell the same greenhouse for $250 more a and there is no difference in the greenhouse itself, however there is a huge difference between us and other stores that do not care about you, the customer. The EasyGrow 8x10 Greenhouse Review is perfect for shopping and learning all about these premium models as well.

Thanks for reading!

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Greenhouse Reviews

June 06, 2009

Ideal Hobby Greenhouse

How to find your perfect greenhouse for you, WITHOUT regreting it!

So what do you do to find your perfect home greenhouse?

It's not extremely hard to find the perfect greenhouse for your particular needs, but it can be a process that could come back to haunt you!
EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit
First off you want to figure out what your price range is going to be on the complete order, including what you will pay for shipping charges, and additional greenhouse accessories if your looking to purchase them.

Secondly, make a list of all of the features you will require that model to come with and stick with your decisions on this matter! I would hate to see you end up with a greenhouse kit that you did not really love and want in the first place that you ended up having problems with. Don't sacrifice your personal needs and wants because of price alone, this can be very haunting!

Thirdly, do some comparison shopping by checking out the major greenhouse stores out there. You can simply go to Google and do a search for the greenhouse type or greenhouse model that you want in particular to find the top rated stores! Make a list of which stores have the best prices and then further analyze each of the top five in your list.

- What features the greenhouse actually comes with, does it come with a base included?
- Does it have vent windows or an automatic ventilation system included?
- Does the company offer free shipping to your personal location?
- What is the standard warranty and return policy of both the greenhouse store itself and the individual greenhouse model your shopping for.

Finally, make your decision and purchase your brand new home greenhouse kit. Now, all you have to do is wait to get your product in the mail and prepare for some serious growing seasons!

We are offering a limited time special discount coupon for our blog followers and readers of this post, just enter coupon code: #idealgreenhouse during checkout on for 5% off any product in the store! Note: Coupon will expire 30 days from the date of this post publication, which will end on 7/6/2009.

If you have any more questions, comments, concerns, or just want to know our professional opinion about any model your looking at purchasing feel free to contact us. You can contact me personally by sending an email to or by commenting on this blog post itself. I will get back to you as soon as possible, most likely within 1-2 days, but possibly longer as I have been very busy for the month of June!

Thanks for reading & be sure to follow our blog for many more special discounts on some of the best greenhouse models on the market!

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Here is the special blog coupon for 5% off anything on, use #idealgreenhouse during checkout.

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May 27, 2009

Juliana Premium 9.9 Greenhouse

Juliana Premium 9.Greenhouse Review

The brand new Juliana 9.9 greenhouse kit review team has concluded that this is definitely one of the best greenhouses yet from Juliana greenhouses. All Juliana greenhouses are made with the best quality of materials available, as well they feature some of the newest and most interesting greenhouse technologies. The premium 9.9 greenhouses come standard with free shipping to the United States and Canada, these greenhouses do not weigh nearly as much as they look like they do.

Juliana has prided themselves for over 30 years on manufacturing the worlds best hobby greenhouse kits and at affordable prices. These premium greenhouse models are not just for usual home gardeners, but professional gardening enthusiasts and they have been known to create the worlds best gardens. These greenhouses can often be underestimated in quality value opinions, but when it comes down to it the 9.9 Juliana Greenhouse ranks right there among the best premium greenhouse models in the world, not just on the market!

Why Buy Juliana Premium Greenhouse Kits?

Well, the Juliana premium model 9.9 is not for the common gardening enthusiast, but it is more of for the professional and career greenhouse gardeners. The greenhouse does have many amazing features that most greenhouses do not have, and it is priced very reasonably. This is a very premium greenhouse kit, you will not be able to find a model of similar value and price! The premium 9.9 is arguably the worlds best profession and career premium green house kit. It is common to find that every single person that views this model falls in love with it and at the first moment they see the kit in person!

9.9 Premium Juliana Green House Features

  • Strong Polycarbonate Paneling
  • The awesome greenhouse covering is totally UV Resistant and is completely Water proof.
  • Requires next to no experience or effort to assemble the greenhouse and use.

Other Product Info

Vents: Has a total of 3 greenhouse ventilation windows for extremely easy and convenient air circulation when wanted!

Weighs: The premium 9.9 model weighs only 150 lbs.

Shipping: Comes with free shipping inside the United States, normally.

Retail Price: $2,500.00 at the cheapest price we have ever seen, all the way up to $5,000.00
Sale Price: $2,500.00

Juliana 9,9 Premium Greenhouse Review Conclusion

This greenhouse speaks for itself and it says that premium greenhouse gardening can be done at professional grade levels, without paying extremely out raucous prices!

Thanks a million,
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STC Greenhouse Kit Review

STC Greenhouse Kit Review

Our experienced Hobby Greenhouse Review Staff rates this greenhouse a 8.5 out of a possible 10, because this greenhouse is very unique, has many great features, an inexpensive price, and is constructed with the highest of quality materials. You are going to love this premium greenhouse kit made by one of the most famous greenhouse manufacturers ever! This model of greenhouse is known for its excellent durability and stability, it lasts just about an entire lifetime and is backed up by a warranty of a lifetime too. These features and warranties are making this greenhouse one of the most reliable and safe greenhouse purchased to buy ever!

Why Buy STC Greenhouse Kits?

You should purchase this greenhouse kit for its amazing features with very inexpensive prices, it is one of the rare premium greenhouse kits with this low of a price.EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit

Miniature Greenhouse Features & Benefits

  • Durable Polycarbonate Panels - For extra added support to the greenhouse structure!
  • Strong Aluminum Frame
  • Greenhouse Cover is UV Resistant and 100% Waterproof.
  • Designed For Quick & Easy Assembly / Disassembly
  • A Pair Of Pliers & A Screwdriver Are Only Tools Needed For Assembly!

Included With Greenhouse Purchase

  1. High wind tie downs - for extra support against natural weather damages.
  2. Ground stakes - for extra stability and durability.
  3. Easy to read and follow illustrated instructional manual.
  4. No base needed, but additional based are available for purchasing

Top 3 Competitors Pricing

#1. Price: $230.00 -
View at original website.

#2. Price: $250.00 - View at original website.

#3. Price: $260.00 -
View at original website.

Other Greenhouse Product Info

Dimensions: 6' Length x 8' Width (In inches)

Weight: 102 Pounds

Shipping: Shipping costs are usually free, but some stores do charge additional shipping charges. We do not charge shipping fees and suggest you do not purchase a greenhouse with them either.

Retail Price: $300.00
Sale Price: 229.99

Our Expert Review Team Concluded

As you can see this greenhouse has some amazing features, but you may have been shocked by the prices of the other sellers. They sell the same greenhouse for $50 more and its completely the same greenhouse! There is no difference in the greenhouse itself, however there is a huge difference between us and other stores that do not care about you, the customer.

Thanks for reading!

Whitney Segura
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We are a family owned company located in Southern Louisiana and we stock the majority of our greenhouses in our warehouse. Our direct manufacturer connection and own inventory is the reason why we can have such low prices!
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May 05, 2009

How To Build A Homemade Hobby Greenhouse

How To Build A Homemade Hobby Greenhouse Kit

How To Build Homemade DIY Greenhouses

Easy to build DIY hobby greenhouses are actually very simple and money saving to build. Your going to love your brand new greenhouse, now is the perfect time to start building, because greenhouse gardening is becoming more popular every day now that our environment is having troubles.

Choosing Materials For Your Home Greenhouse

The first thing you want to start looking into is materials. Your going to need something to build as a greenhouse frame, I suggest aluminum, metal, steel, or another strong durable material. The greenhouse panels can be made out of polycarbonate, glass, or another clear material. Building A concrete base is something you may also want to think about.

Assessing Greenhouse Price Range

This should be done before you buy your materials or even begin building your hobby greenhouse construction designs. Keep your budget ready for unforeseen things, often people start building their greenhouse and realize that they are going to have to order extra parts for the construction to be completed. Do not fret though, if you take some time your diy greenhouse plans can be perfect.

If you plan for you greenhouse structure to be large, professional, durable, long lasting, and perfect you should be ready to spend a minimum of $1000-2000. Large greenhouse dimensions would be between a greenhouse 8' x 8' and a greenhouse 10' x 12' any bigger it will become extra large! I recommend building a 4x6 greenhouse for your first hand built greenhouse, it will be much smaller and easier to complete than larger sizes.

Greenhouse Construction Plans & Designs

This part of building a homemade greenhouse from scratch may take a little effort if your planning on making it unique and your own work. Although if you want to take a short cut I can offer you free greenhouse plans with step by step illustrated instructions. Visit the links in my source box to get free building plans and I will tell you how to use them and even go far enough to give you a personal help contact number to me. I will guide you through the whole process and do everything I can to ensure that you have the best greenhouse possible!

Thanks for reading!

Whitney Segura

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May 04, 2009

Silverline Rion Greenhouse Review

Silverline Rion Greenhouse Review

Our experienced Hobby Greenhouse Review Staff came to a conclusion of our Silverline Rion Greenhouse review with a rating of 9 out of 10, because this greenhouse is very unique, has many great features, an inexpensive price, and is constructed with the highest of quality materials. This greenhouse is a great deal and perfect for those hobby enthusiasts looking to kick start their next garden project!

Why Buy A Silverline Rion Greenhouse Kit?

You should purchase this rion greenhouse kit for its amazing features with very inexpensive prices, it is one of the rare premium greenhouse kits with this low of a price. It has many features that other similar greenhouse models do not have, the features are listed below.
Silverline Rion Greenhouse

Silverline Greenhouse Features & Benefits

  • Durable Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels
  • Strong Aluminum Frame
  • Very Durable Galvanized Steel Base
  • Greenhouse Cover is UV Resistant and 100% Waterproof.
  • Designed For Quick & Easy Assembly / Dis-assembly, making this greenhouse very convenient!
  • A Pair Of Pliers & A Screwdriver Are Only Tools Needed For Assembly!

Included With Silverline Greenhouses

  1. Galvanized Steel Base
  2. Ground stakes
  3. Easy to read and follow illustrated instructional manual.
  4. No base needed
Silverline Greenhouse

Now, Compare Prices!

#1. Price: $599.00 - Click here to view product.

#2. Price: $599.00 - Click here to view product.

#3. Price: $619.99 - Click here to view product.

#4. Price: $699.99 - Click here to view product.

#5. Price: $754.00 - Click here to view product.

Other Product Info

Dimensions: 6' Length x 8' Width

Weight: 102 Pounds

Shipping: Shipping costs are usually free, but some stores do charge additional shipping charges. We do not charge shipping fees and suggest you do not purchase a greenhouse with them either.

Retail Price: $300.00

Review Conclusion

As you can see this rion greenhouse truly has some amazing features, but you may have been shocked by the prices of the other sellers. They sell the same greenhouse for $150 more and its completely the same greenhouse! There is no difference in the greenhouse itself, however there is a huge difference between us and other stores that do not care about you, the customer.

Thanks for reading!

Whitney Segura
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About Segura Trading LLC.

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We are a family owned company located in Southern Louisiana and we stock the majority of our greenhouses in our warehouse. Our direct manufacturer connection and own inventory is the reason why we can have such low prices!
Segura Trading manufacturers and retails compost bins, hydroponics, greenhouses, garden containers, and more.
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May 03, 2009

STC Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse

Easy 2 Build STC Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse

The STC EasyGrow 8x10 Greenhouse Kit has a beautiful Forest Green color aluminum constructed framing and is extremely durable! Our Easy 2 Build Easy Grow Greenhouse Review shows that it is very user friendly and designed to be safe for family use. Features a poly cover that is completely UV protected. The Easy Grow 8x10 Hobby Greenhouse is a very popular customer choice and favorite by many, because of its reliability, inexpensive price, and amazing features not possible at this price!

The Easy 2 Build Greenhouse Kit features new "Snap n Click" connector's for assembly, which makes setting up quick and convenient. You can assemble the EasyGrow 8' x 10' Greenhouse in just one day and even faster with 2 plus persons. Greenhouse kit comes with a complete set of illustrated assembly instructional Manuel, which shows step-by-step how to install and assemble this hobby greenhouse kit. The tools needed for installation are just a Phillips Screwdriver and a pair of Pliers, that's it! The fact that these are the only tools needed shocks many, because it is such a beautiful and semi large greenhouse.

Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse
Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse

The Warranties EasyGrow Greenhouses Include

The frame of all Easy Grow Greenhouses are backed with life warranties and the polycarbonate greenhouse covers come with a 7 year discoloration warranty. Most greenhouses are not backed by such great warranties, this tells you that your purchase is safe and that this is a great buy!

The EasyGrow Greenhouse aluminum construction means that all needed components for your Easy Grow hobby greenhouse kit will be delivered in 2 manageable cartons by FED-EX service! One level of removable greenhouse ventilated shelving on both sides of greenhouse the full length. The Built In Shelving makes the greenhouse very sturdy.

EasyGrow Greenhouse 8' x 10' Interior
EasyGrow 8' x 10' Greenhouse Interior

Product Features:
- Strong Aluminum Frame
- 4mm. twin-wall opaque poly cover
- Standard roofing ventilation windows to provide air circulation.
- REAL Door - Features a strong durable aluminum frame hinged door!
- This EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit does not need a base!
- Super Strong With Superior Criss Cross Steel Wiring.
- Assembly tools are just a Phillips Screwdriver and Pliers, that's it!
- Automatic vent window opener's come with purchase!

More Product Information
Model: EasyGrow 8' x 10'
Retail Price: $1,799.99
Mini Greenhouse Kits Price: $1,249.95
Dimensions: 8' x 10'
Shipping cost: Free shipping for those who are located within the United States!
Warranty: Frame is covered by a life time warranty & greenhouse cover is covered by a 7 year manufacturer warranty.
Hobby Greenhouses

Backyard Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

Miniature 5x5 DIY Greenhouse Kit

The Miniature 5x5 DIY Greenhouse Kit

This 5' x 5' DIY greenhouse kit has some very amazing features that most desire and need for their hobby greenhouse kits. The 5x5 DIY Greenhouse has a total of eight small, strong, and very durable growing shelves. The growing shelves are the perfect size and work perfectly with the construction of the DIY greenhouses.

The Transparent Plastic Greenhouse features a very useful roll-up front door that can be zippered to contain heat. Also roll up while it’s very hot during the day and if needed to be cooled.

5x5 DIY Greenhouse Kit Features

Green Fiber Reinforced Transparent Greenhouse Cover
The Transparent Greenhouse Cover is clear with a small hint of light green color. The cover has is Green Fiber Reinforced, this is the reason why it has a tiny hint of green to its appearance.

Simple & Easy DIY Greenhouse Assembly

The 5x5 DIY greenhouse comes with an illustrated assembly instructional manual, this makes setting up this greenhouse kit extremely easy and also very convenient!

5x5 DIY Greenhouse

Zippered Roll Up Door Feature
These greenhouse kits feature an extremely useful rolling up front door, which also has a zipper to provide a secure enclosed environment. The zip up door is also used for maintaining high temperatures, by locking in the heat inside the greenhouse. Another feature of the rolling up door is it provides excellent ventilation and air circulation when opened, a very useful feature, especially on those hot summer days!

Greenhouse Shelving

This greenhouse has large shelving space to fit all of your plants. Has a total of eight spacious greenhouse shelves.

Greenhouse Construction & Design

The greenhouse construction is designed for ease of use and set up, it is very user friendly. This is the perfect start up greenhouse for first time greenhouse gardens.

Other Product Info

Shipping Cost: Free shipping in the lower 48 states, U.S.
Dimensions: 56" Long x 56" Wide x 78" High
Model: 5x5 DIY
Model Color: Light Green
Retail Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $149.95

Backyard Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

May 02, 2009

Controlling Pathogens and Nutrients When Soil Composting

Controlling Pathogens and Nutrients When Soil Composting

Composting can effectively reduce pathogens and parasites commonly found in manure as well as those that have mutated into different strains with new abilities, like surviving in acidic environments. Millner estimates that once certain time-and-temperature criteria are achieved, E. coli and Salmonellae in the compost are nearly eliminated (99.9999 percent kill rate).

In a field that receives, manure compost, "this reduces the numbers of pathogens that would find their way onto produce and into runoff after a rain," says Millner. It also stabilizes the nutrient content of the compost so that bacteria cannot re-grow; the nutrients they require are depleted. Intense microbial competition further retards re-growth of the pathogenic bacteria in the final product.

The pathogen-reduction criteria include a temperature of at least 131° F for 3 consecutive days in an aerated pile or 131 °F for 2 weeks in the hot zones of a windrow pile with five turnings. This process can kill nearly all pathogenic microbes and still maintain populations of beneficial ones.

The demand for animal manure is projected to increase. As organic vegetables and fruits gain popularity, more growers value its benefits to soil quality and to the environment. Although in many states untreated manure can be applied to farm fields, this practice can introduce pathogens and parasites into soils and possible runoff or irrigation water. Various state regulations must be considered before agricultural compost can be marketed and sold.

"Agriculture is a farm-to-plate continuum, and we want to make it as safe as possible," says Millner. "It is important to make compost usable to agriculture and horticulture to prevent water and food contamination. "And this is where treatment of manure comes into play.”

Composting also results in stabilization of nitrogen in organic form for use in soils. Compost may even be tailor-made to reduce phosphorus availability and to remediate nutrient-deficient soils. Like pathogens, excess unused nutrients make their way in runoff from fields into surface water. "Nutrient stabilization in composted manure allows soil microbes and plants to use nutrients in a slow-release and beneficial manner," says Millner. "Compost may even help reduce demand for nitrogen in certain crops."

Even though the basic technology may be ancient, composting still has much to offer the world of modern agriculture.

Backyard Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

Rion Prestige Greenhouse - Green Giant Greenhouse Review

Rion Prestige Greenhouse - Green Giant Greenhouse Review

Note: This is the second part of the green giant greenhouses and prestige greenhouses review conclusion.

Thirdly, we were all extremely impressed with the frame of the Rion Prestige/Green Giant. Being constructed from high quality PVC resin with UV protection, it’s lightweight, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t warp, and it’s incredibly strong and rigid. Such is the integrity of the Rion Prestige/Green Giant, that tests have determined it can safely withstand wind speeds of up to 80 Mph and more than a thousand pounds of snow. Of course, taking this into consideration, this is certainly one greenhouse that’s suitable for practically all climates, irrespective of the severity of weather conditions.

Installation: - Even those with absolutely zero technical abilities will find the installation process a complete breeze. Unlike many of the aluminum or wooden frame greenhouses which require some measure of drilling and/or cutting, the Rion Prestige/Green Giant is designed in such a way that all sections simply push-fit together. Likewise, the installation instructions also couldn’t be any easier to follow.

As mentioned earlier in this review, the number of accessories included with the Rion Prestige/Green Giant houses is yet another element which puts them in a league of their own. Not only do you get the base kit with some roof windows, but you also get louver windows, automatic window openers, rain gutters and solar lighting. In fact, you even get staging/potting tables. Of course, it’s easy to appreciate how much these accessories are worth, and just how much extra cost they would incur if added to other greenhouse models.

Review Conclusion:
While we have given the Rion Professional series the top rating, the Rion Prestige/Green Giant undeniably comes in at a very close second. This is of course for a number of reasons such as easy installation, convenient shipping method, extra head room, clear side panels, available size extensions, strength, durability, and of course the handsome variety of accessories. Even with regards to price, we found it to be exceptional value for money and we were pleasantly surprised to note that the price is considerably lower than similar sized greenhouses offered by other manufacturers.

You can find the first post by visiting our greenhouse reviews page.

Backyard Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

Rion Prestige & Rion Green Giant Greenhouse Review

Rion Prestige & Rion Green Giant Greenhouse Review

Essentially, the only reason we’ve not given the Rion Prestige/Rion Green Giant the top spot rather than the Rion Professional, is because of the price. In fact, it’s taller than the Professional and it comes with more accessories as well but unfortunately, the price places it at a slight disadvantage when compared to that of the Rion Professional. In addition to being just over a foot taller than the Rion Professional, it also comes with clear side panels, as does the Rion Prestige. For any gardener requiring the many benefits of the Professional series, but who would prefer having clear side panels and a little extra head room, the Green Giant or Prestige greenhouse would be the better option.

Primary Benefits Of Green Giant Greenhouses And Pretige Greenhouses

The primary advantage of the Prestige or Green Giant series over other models is the variety of available sizes, ranging from a mediocre 8’x8’ all the way through to 8’x24’ or more. The nice thing about the Prestige/Green Giant is that the size can be increased in 4” increments and for added convenience, the 4” extensions can be purchased separately at any time. For example, if when you first start out you decide to settle for a 8’x8’, only to realize a few months down the line that you really could do with a larger greenhouse, you simply purchase the relevant extensions, thus allowing you to add on adequate middle space.

Best Features
The second most noticeable feature is the way in which it gets shipped. For the most part, it gets shipped via either Fedex or UPS in multiple packages, all of which are reasonably sized. Those who’ve bought similar sized greenhouses in the past will know that many are delivered on the back of a flatbed truck because of their size. Of course, this also results in some companies insisting that the client be responsible for the off-loading. Considering the obvious advantage of having your greenhouse delivered in manageable sized boxes, it’s hardly surprising that this was highly regarded by the review panel.

Backyard Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

April 23, 2009

10 Things To Grow In Your Garden This Season

Are you hoping to establish a flourishing garden this year? If so, you are not alone. More people than ever are starting gardens. Some are hoping for organic produce. Others are looking for ways to cut down on the grocery budget. The following are ten of the most beneficial items to grow in your garden and why you may want to do so.

1. Tomatoes: Perhaps the best option for long term use is the tomato. Choose a variety like Italian Romas or Beefstake which are hearty. Use them in salads, make tomato sauce with them which you can store long term in jars. You can also make stewed tomatoes and salsa and have it available to you year round. Tomatoes are fairly easy to grow, too.

2. Herbs: Growing a few herbs in your garden (or in a small container near a kitchen window) is a fantastic way to freshen up meals. Choose herbs like rosemary, cilantro, parsley, and basil. They can be dried for long term use.

3. Cucumbers: These are some of the easiest vegetables to grow. They do take up a bit of room, but kids love this fresh taste.

4. Peppers: Bell peppers are relatively easy to grow in warmer climates. If you wish to grow hot peppers, you definitely need high temperatures. Still, they can be added to sauces and salsas both fresh and canned. You can dry hot peppers, too, to use throughout the winter months as a way to warm up.

5. Strawberries: Those who love these fresh berries will enjoy growing them. You can also grow them in pots in a sunny location. They continuously produce crops of berries. You may even wish to consider raspberries and blueberries if your climate allows for them.

6. Squash: Summer squash and butternut squash are two favorites. They provide for a hearty meal and they last a long time after harvesting them when stored in a cool, dry location. Add them to soups, stews or serve as their own dish.

7. Beans: Beans are very easy to grow. After sowing them, it only takes a few weeks before you'll have a strong growth and will be nearly picking them. They will continue to produce so long as you are gentle with the removal of the beans. Choose from many varieties.

8. Corn: For those with a large area for growing vegetables, consider corn. Most people love its taste and it can be a good producer. The only drawback is the long growth time and the amount of space it can take up.

9. Watermelon: Summer is never complete without watermelon. You can grow it in your garden without a lot of work. It does spread widely so be sure that you have enough room to allow for its long reaching arms!

10. Salad Greens: Greens of all types can do very well in a garden. You can grow salad greens, collard greens or any others that you prefer. You can also consider broccoli and cauliflower, green cabbage and red cabbage.

These top ten items are just the start. There are so many wonderful vegetables and fruits to enjoy fresh from the garden.

Whitney Segura is an expert at Rion Hobby Greenhouses and Portable Mini Greenhouses.

Article Source:

Backyard Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

April 18, 2009

Juliana Basic Greenhouse Kit Review

Juliana Basic Greenhouse Kit Review

The Juliana Basic Greenhouse kits use a revolutionary new design which uses zero messy silicone or unsturdy clips to fasten the polycarbonate panels to the frame. Instead the panels are inserted and secured directly to the frame. This gives your green house the durability and structural integrity needed to survive in all weather conditions.

Features Of Juliana Basic Greenhouses

The Juliana Basic green houses are recommended for people with limited garden space, or gardeners who are new to green house gardening. Remember! All kits include a sliding door for easy green house access and an adjustable window vent for added ventilation. The Juliana aluminum frames are made from maintenance-free aluminum and the insulated high quality polycarbonate panels keep your plants safe from damaging weather and temperatures to extend your growing season.

Basic Juliana 450 Greenhouse Kits Include

Durable aluminum frame
Mounting hardware
4mm twin-wall polycarbonate covering panels
A sliding door and adjustable window vent
12 year guarantee!
Basic 450 Green House

These kits are amazing and definitely worth buying or at least taking a look at, especially if your a hardcore gardener! Really, I am a greenhouse expert so trust me. I really love this greenhouse manufacturer, they always provide premium products backed by long warranties of over 20 years. Today, it is hard to find this kind of manufacturer, most people are too concerned with making money, but not Juliana garden supplies.

size="3">Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

April 17, 2009

Discount Miniature Greenhouses - Small Greenhouse Kits

Discount Miniature Greenhouses & Small Greenhouse Kits

These days its somewhat difficult to find premium discounted miniature greenhouses and cheap small greenhouse kits luckily for you your reading this post. Now, you have a wide selection of amazing mini greenhouse and small greenhouses available to you from There you will be able to view a wide range of greenhouse kits that will fit every gardeners needs. Hobby greenhouses that are small, compact, have amazing new and technologically advanced features, and so much more. They stock rion greenhouses like the EasyGrow Greenhouse, the FlowerHouse Greenhouse, and even Gardman Greenhouses. You will not be able to find better quality greenhouses for the discounted price and quality. It just isn't going to happen, they also have special discounts for ordering two or more greenhouse kits.

Discounted Cheap Mini Greenhouse Kits

The most common misconception people have about buying miniature greenhouses is that they are going to fall apart fast and not work well, but this is not the case at Mini Greenhouse Kits, by any means. There you will receive nothing but quality customer service and the best quality of greenhouses on the market, they guarantee your satisfaction with a one hundred percent money back guarantee! What else are you waiting for? If you don't go check out these hobby greenhouses, then please go look at one of the competitors selection and prices. Very soon, you will see a huge difference in the too competitors and know why this post exists.

Mini Greenhouse Kits Reviews Home

April 13, 2009

Juliana Premium Greenhouses

Juliana Premium Greenhouse Manufacturer

Juliana greenhouses are hands down the best premium greenhouses on the market. They have a series of greenhouse styles and brands like compact greenhouses, gardener greenhouses, premium greenhouses, and basic greenhouses. Each one of these greenhouses is equipped with the newest and most innovative features that are publicly available.

These greenhouse feature strong and durable greenhouse polycarbonate panels. The greenhouses frame is either made out of aluminum or steel, but regardless it is very strong and will withstand the worst natural weathers. The design is specifically for withholding the most amount of snow and wind speeds possible. The greenhouse comes with a 20 year frame warranty and a 5 year polycarbonate panel warranty. These are just a few of the very many features this greenhouse incorporates that not many have.

Anyone who has purchased a Juliana greenhouse knows that they are the real deal, I have never met anyone who was unsatisfied with their purchase. Juliana premium greenhouses are somewhat pricey, but the the best by for the quality that you get, this is certain. This greenhouse kit pays for itself in the long run, I promise you that!

Juliana GreenhousesJuliana Greenhouses

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who owns or has used any Juliana greenhouses and they will tell you just how amazing and worth the money they truly are.

April 04, 2009

Backyard Greenhouse Kits

Home & Backyard Greenhouse Kits

Why should you get yourself a backyard greenhouse kit? Because they are simply amazing and a must have for any serious gardener. If you are a gardener and love gardening then you should seriously think about looking into backyard greenhouses. Backyard green houses are fun for the entire family, it is also a great way to get young children involved.

These days your children are flooded with tons of inappropriate things that can develop them into people that you would not approve of. Home greenhouses are perfect for getting your kids into something that is a life time skill and something that everyone should be known. Gardening is a basic survival skill and most people do not know the first thing about gardening.

The other great benefits of home greenhouses include amazing plant growth rates, they will grow much faster and stronger than you would have ever thought possible. You will fall in love with your home greenhouse in a matter of days, we promise you this. Why not look into it? I don't have to tell you, because you already know, our environment is in need of help. This is the perfect time to get started gardening and helping out our environment. So, if you don't do it for your plants or for your children then do it for the environment! You will feel better, I will feel better, its a win win situation... So just do it!

Backyard Greenhouse KitBackyard Greenhouse Kit

March 31, 2009

Quality Cheap Indoor Greenhouses

Quality Cheap Indoor Greenhouses

and premium rion greenhouses at inexpensive prices are hard to find these days. There are a few things though that you need to look for and be aware of when shopping for you indoor greenhouse. One of the biggest factors is you need to get a warranty, I cannot stress how important this actually is. Another thing is look at the customer reviews, the customers do not lie, why don't they lie? Because they are YOU! Would you lie to yourself? I would hope not...

Where To Buy Indoor Greenhouses For Cheap Prices

Amazing greenhouses can be purchased in a handful of greenhouse stores, I am not saying that you won't find cheap ones in other places, but.... You will not find quality indoor greenhouses at this low of prices, it just simply isn't going to happen. If you are serious about getting your mini greenhouse kit then please, I beg you listen to my advice in the next paragraph!
Indoor Mini Greenhouse

What To Do When Buying An Indoor Green House

You should compare features to other more expensive models, look and see if they have a FAQ about the greenhouse kit, and most importantly get a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee! This guarantee will secure your transaction and make you feel safe, knowing that if you are unhappy and receive a piece of junk hobby greenhouse that you can simply return it.

March 21, 2009

Horticulture Gardening Greenhouses Benefits

Benefits Of Horticulture Gardening Greenhouses

Today's post is all about horticulture gardening greenhouses and why you should think about trying out out or purchasing one. There are many reasons why you should try gardening with greenhouses and the main ones are something every person could benefit greatly from.Easy Grow Greenhouse

Gardening in horticulture green houses could save your life, anyways lets jump into it…

I. Why Horticulture Gardening Greenhouses?

5x5 diy portable greenhouseHorticulture greenhouses are really the best way to experience gardening in its fullest. You will never go back to other traditional horticulture methods. Its rare that a person who loves gardening tries mini greenhouses and does not become obsessed immediately.

II. Short Term Benefits of Horticulture Greenhouses Gardening

The shorter term benefits o
f using horticulture greenhouses for plants include, but are not limited to, faster plant growth, improved plant produce taste, larger plant yield, longer plant life span, and stronger healthier plants. Growing with horticul ture greenhouses will be fun for you and your family, get children involved and help build character. Gardening is a skill that all persons should know a little bit about, it is basic survival techniques and tactics.

Short Term Benefits List
- Faster Plant Growth
- I
mproved Taste
Larger Yields
Plants Live Longer
- Fun
- Family Activity
- Gardening = Skill
Horticulture Greenhouse Picture

III. Long Term Horticulture Greenhouses Gardening Benefits

The long term benefits of horticulture greenhouse gardening are improved environmental conditions, your greenhouse paying for itself with your plants produce, and improving your physical and mental health. Its true, gardening can actually decrease blood pressure, improve moods and the quality of life, and ultimately add years to your life.

Long Term Benefits List
- Produce tastes better
- Beautiful produc
e appearance
- Builds Character
- Feater & larger c
- Greenhouse produce pays for itself.
- Improved quality of life.
- Possible longer life span for YOU.
- Good for environment.
- Keeps people out of trouble.

IV. Summary & Major Points To Take Away

- To summarize the point that I want to get across to you is that garden greenhouses provide a perfect plant growing environment that everyone should try at least once.

- There are many economical, environmental, mental, and physical benefits that will come out of horticulture greenhouse gardening, the list goes on and on.

To close I just want to say that this post not a pitch page to get you to go out and buy a greenhouse.

These are simply the facts so take what you want from it and walk away, but regardless these are the facts.

juliana basic greenhouse kit

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

March 19, 2009

EasyGrow Greenhouse Manufacturer Review

EasyGrow Greenhouse Manufacturer Review

Easy 2 Build Easy Grow Greenhouses
Most greenhouse manufacturers design their product with the bare minimum quality that will obtain their customers satisfaction. This is not the case with EasyGrow Greenhouses, every single greenhouse they put out onto the market is outstanding. Their greenhouse construction methods are the best and most innovative that I have seen come out in over four years!

These easy 2 build greenhouses have some pretty awesome features, for example they come with automatic greenhouse window openers, free greenhouse heaters, built in greenhouse ventilation windows, and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels. The polycarbonate panels look like glass, but are much stronger and will never shatter.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a product then it breaks a day later and you contact the company and they no longer care what you have to say, what you feel, what you can afford, and what you actually need?

I am a strong believer in being passionate and the guys at the EasyGrow Easy 2 Build Greenhouse manufacturer company have just that. They actually care about what their customers think, need, want, and most importantly can afford. This is a truly rare thing to find in greenhouse manufacturers and this is also the reason why we should support these kinds of businesses.

Follow your heart!

So please do what your heart tells you to do, I am not saying go buy a easy grow greenhouse, but PLEASE support the people that really care about you. A HUGE problem with modern society is they forget what people do for them and they lose sight of the people who truly have their best interests in mind.

Thanks for reading
- Whitney

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

March 18, 2009

Poly-Tex Kool-Mart Commercial Greenhouse

The Poly-Tex Kool-Mart Commercial Greenhouse

The Poly-Tex Kool-Mart Greenhouse is one the the best and highest quality retail commercial greenhouses on the market today! This greenhouse is designed for outdoor plant markets or similar marketplaces. They are great for just about any business that sells products that can be viewed on display.

The Kool-Mart Greenhouse has integrated benches for the displaying of products and also features two huge door openings, about 10 feet in width. The openings give excellent ventilation and easy entry for your customers. PolyTex commercial greenhouses are designed with the highest quality materials available and are put through a series of tested to determine durability and strength. Each greenhouse kit is 100% guaranteed to satisfy all of your needs. Wether its for recreation use, going to be your new full time job, or primary source of income the Kool Mart green house can do it all!
Poly-Tex Kool-Mart Greenhouse
PolyTex KoolMart Greenhouse

With the Kool-Mart greenhouse you will be the talk of the town in no time! This commercial greenhouse kit is very professional and is sure to impress all. This marketplace greenhouse could be exactly what you need to change your life forever, and it could happen very quickly!

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

March 14, 2009

Easy 2 Build Easy Grow Greenhouse Kit

Easy 2 Build Easy Grow 8x8 Greenhouse Kit

EasyGrow Easy 2 Build Greenhouse
The Easy 2 Grow Greenhouse 8x8 is six feet in width by 8 feet in length! It is extremely spacious and has head space of seven feet and two inches. This EasyGrow greenhouse has a beautiful green paint job on the greenhouse frame. The frame is made out of aluminum and is super durable! The greenhouse polycarbonate covering that is layered four millimeter's deep.
~ Roofing ventilation system circulates air amazingly.
~ Includes ground stakes for set up, a roofing vent, and full shelving.
~ Criss-cross steel wires for extreme stability.
~ Quick and easy assembly.
~ Push and click connections for easy assembly.

The Easy 2 Build EasyGrow 8x8 greenhouse kit comes with a seven year greenhouse manufacturer warranty! It has a retail price of $1450, but is on sale for just $1149! You can't go wrong with this featured hobby greenhouse, it comes with great warranties and free shipping. Every person I have ever spoken with that owned one of these fell absolutely in love with it! The customers don't lie, its a common fact, so if you don't believe me then go out and ask an owner of one of these amazing rion greenhouses.
Easy 2 Grow Greenhouse 8x8

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

March 04, 2009

2 Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Two Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Gardening with a greenhouse is a great way to grow plants not just effectively, but fast as well. I know for me it is a different level of gardening altogether. It is a whole different environment and atmosphere, and I personally love it! Greenhouse gardening can also be a nightmare if you are new to the game, but it always gets better.

The two key greenhouse gardening tips I have to share are, think about additional greenhouse heaters and greenhouse ventilation. These things are key to providing not just a great environment for your plants to grow in, but also a comfortable place for you to grow in!

his has its benefits for all parties involved in this wonderful experience! Your plants grow faster and you won't ever have to worry about cold temperatures for your plants. Ventilation is key when growing plants efficiently and effectively. It also feels great on those hot summer days.

Greenhouse Heater

Greenhouse Heater

Here is an example of a dual lamp and patio greenhouse heater.
Great combination with many benefits!

If you are not thinking about your plants, think about your self! That's all I have got for now, love peace and plant heater grease!

March 03, 2009

STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse

STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse 8x8

The amazing high quality premium STC Greenline 8x6 Rion Greenhouse are amazing hobby greenhouse kits that feature some of the most advanced greenhouse technologies that exist! This rion greenhouse comes complete with automatic greenhouse window openers, Louvre style windows, and a free greenhouse heater.

It is priced at just about 750.00 dollars when it is discounted, the retail value of this greenhouse kit is above 1200.00 dollars, which still isn't a bad price considering the high quality and amazing extra features that come with it.

STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse
STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse

Features Of The STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse

- Has a unique and elegant hunter green color greenhouse frame.
- Extremely durable and beautiful greenhouse aluminum frame.
- A thick glazed layer of polycarbonate.
- Comes complete with roof vents, rainwater gutters and galvanized steel base.
- One year greenhouse manufacturer warranty for frame.
- A five year greenhouse polycarbonate panel warranty.

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

March 02, 2009

The Rion Hobby Greenhouse 8x8

The Rion Hobby Greenhouse 8x8

Are you ready grow all and every season every year? Could you handle that?

A lot of people aren't ready for their Rion 8x8 greenhouse garden. This kind of gardening is like no other experience you will ever do. This Rion Greenhouse is not available in stores. This is one of the most durable greenhouses on the market, it can withstand up to 1,100 pounds of snow. It is also very wind resistant and can easily withstand 80 mph winds.

The design of this greenhouse is geared toward family settings, they are extremely safe and durable. The polycarbonate greenhouse panels are nearly impossible to break and will never shatter, which makes this greenhouse kit very safe for children to play in. We recommend this these hobby greenhouses over all traditional greenhouses, simply because they are affordable, compact, and family friendly.

This greenhouse could change you life, for the better of coarse! Everyone knows that our environment is going downhill, why don't you be apart of the people making a difference. I am not saying go buy the rion 8x8 greenhouse, but think about getting a greenhouse or compost bin and making a difference. That's all folks!

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

February 19, 2009

Beautiful pictures of lake taheo

Beautiful pictures of Lake Taheo

Great pictures of lake tahoe, the general sherman giant tree, and more!

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

Durable Rion Greenhouses

Durable Rion Greenhouses

These great Rion Greenhouses from are very durable and come with awesome 5-20 year warranties. Great for gardening all year long, and they have a real door attached to them! Not one of those zip up or plastic doors, but a full lock and key mechanism.

Each of these rion green house kits comes with free shipping and the truth is that they stock only the best greenhouses on the market. The features of these rion greenhouses include automatic window openers, roof vent systems, greenhouse heaters, sliding doors, adjustable polycarbonate panels, and more.
Rion Greenhouses
Rion Greenhouses

The polycarbonate panels are nearly unbreakedable, completely UV resistant, and appear to be glass, they are clear as day! Now they have unique "Snap N Grow" polycarbonate panels that install to your greenhouse frame in nearly seconds. This feature makes greenhouse assemble very simple and easy. We give two huge thumbs up to these greenhouses!

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

February 12, 2009

The BloomHouse greenhouse by FlowerHouse

The BloomHouse greenhouse by FlowerHouse

The BloomHouse™ is designed for all climate conditions and geographic locations. Your plants will grow better than ever inside the controlled climate of the BloomHouse™.
Extend your gardening season with this lightweight greenhouse designed for easy setup and takedown.

Grow better than ever inside the controlled climate BloomHouse!


This greenhouse is a snap to setup on any surface. From soft grass to hard clay or concrete, this greenhouse is a snap to setup.
All FlowerHouse greenhouses come standard with a 3-year warranty."
Two conveniently situated flaps are provided for water-hose or power-cord access.
It features eight screened vent openings for optimal ventilation.

The large vented door is located in one corner of the BloomHouse™ to provide the maximum space usage inside.
These miniture greenhouse kits are constructed with durable Gro-Tec™ material. Gro-Tec™is completely waterproof, pest resistant, and features rip-stop protection to guard against damage.

Browse and Buy The BloomHouse Models Here!