May 03, 2009

Miniature 5x5 DIY Greenhouse Kit

The Miniature 5x5 DIY Greenhouse Kit

This 5' x 5' DIY greenhouse kit has some very amazing features that most desire and need for their hobby greenhouse kits. The 5x5 DIY Greenhouse has a total of eight small, strong, and very durable growing shelves. The growing shelves are the perfect size and work perfectly with the construction of the DIY greenhouses.

The Transparent Plastic Greenhouse features a very useful roll-up front door that can be zippered to contain heat. Also roll up while it’s very hot during the day and if needed to be cooled.

5x5 DIY Greenhouse Kit Features

Green Fiber Reinforced Transparent Greenhouse Cover
The Transparent Greenhouse Cover is clear with a small hint of light green color. The cover has is Green Fiber Reinforced, this is the reason why it has a tiny hint of green to its appearance.

Simple & Easy DIY Greenhouse Assembly

The 5x5 DIY greenhouse comes with an illustrated assembly instructional manual, this makes setting up this greenhouse kit extremely easy and also very convenient!

5x5 DIY Greenhouse

Zippered Roll Up Door Feature
These greenhouse kits feature an extremely useful rolling up front door, which also has a zipper to provide a secure enclosed environment. The zip up door is also used for maintaining high temperatures, by locking in the heat inside the greenhouse. Another feature of the rolling up door is it provides excellent ventilation and air circulation when opened, a very useful feature, especially on those hot summer days!

Greenhouse Shelving

This greenhouse has large shelving space to fit all of your plants. Has a total of eight spacious greenhouse shelves.

Greenhouse Construction & Design

The greenhouse construction is designed for ease of use and set up, it is very user friendly. This is the perfect start up greenhouse for first time greenhouse gardens.

Other Product Info

Shipping Cost: Free shipping in the lower 48 states, U.S.
Dimensions: 56" Long x 56" Wide x 78" High
Model: 5x5 DIY
Model Color: Light Green
Retail Price: $189.99
Sale Price: $149.95

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