February 19, 2009

Beautiful pictures of lake taheo

Beautiful pictures of Lake Taheo

Great pictures of lake tahoe, the general sherman giant tree, and more!

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

Durable Rion Greenhouses

Durable Rion Greenhouses

These great Rion Greenhouses from MiniGreenhouseKits.com are very durable and come with awesome 5-20 year warranties. Great for gardening all year long, and they have a real door attached to them! Not one of those zip up or plastic doors, but a full lock and key mechanism.

Each of these rion green house kits comes with free shipping and the truth is that they stock only the best greenhouses on the market. The features of these rion greenhouses include automatic window openers, roof vent systems, greenhouse heaters, sliding doors, adjustable polycarbonate panels, and more.
Rion Greenhouses
Rion Greenhouses

The polycarbonate panels are nearly unbreakedable, completely UV resistant, and appear to be glass, they are clear as day! Now they have unique "Snap N Grow" polycarbonate panels that install to your greenhouse frame in nearly seconds. This feature makes greenhouse assemble very simple and easy. We give two huge thumbs up to these greenhouses!

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

February 12, 2009

The BloomHouse greenhouse by FlowerHouse

The BloomHouse greenhouse by FlowerHouse

The BloomHouse™ is designed for all climate conditions and geographic locations. Your plants will grow better than ever inside the controlled climate of the BloomHouse™.
Extend your gardening season with this lightweight greenhouse designed for easy setup and takedown.

Grow better than ever inside the controlled climate BloomHouse!


This greenhouse is a snap to setup on any surface. From soft grass to hard clay or concrete, this greenhouse is a snap to setup.
All FlowerHouse greenhouses come standard with a 3-year warranty."
Two conveniently situated flaps are provided for water-hose or power-cord access.
It features eight screened vent openings for optimal ventilation.

The large vented door is located in one corner of the BloomHouse™ to provide the maximum space usage inside.
These miniture greenhouse kits are constructed with durable Gro-Tec™ material. Gro-Tec™is completely waterproof, pest resistant, and features rip-stop protection to guard against damage.

Browse and Buy The BloomHouse Models Here!

February 10, 2009

FlowerHouse's "DomeHouse" Small Greenhouse Kit

The DomeHouse FlowerHouse Small Greenhouse Hobby Kit

This FlowerHouse mini greenhouse's name is

DomeHouse Small Greenhouse Kit

The DomeHouse is truly a perfect hobby greenhouse for improving the world climatic conditions!

Flowerhouse Model:

Flowerhouse Greenhouses

Greenhouse Type:
Small greenhouse aka mini greenhouse

General Retail Price:

Where to buy:
Mini Greenhouses Kit Store

Mini Greenhouse Kits Price:
They have the DomeHouse for ONLY $600!

* This special is only good for a limited time so hurry, offer expires 02-25-09! *

More FlowerHouse products can be viewed and purchased at minigreenhousekits.com or ourcrazydeals.com


Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home

The SeedHouse FlowerHouse Mini Greenhouse kit

This is the Seedhouse portable greenhouse kit, from FlowerHouse. It is one of the most popular and best miniture greenhouses on the market today!

- It's produce is healthier than anything you could plant in a normal garden.

- They last a very long time, our customers are shocked when they see how long their FlowerHouse lasted.

No other greenhouses can match the quality, durability, price, and convience of flowerhouse mini greenhouse kits!

Check them out on sale at minigreenhousekits.com

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews Home


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February 05, 2009

StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse

RowHouse StarterHouse Mini GreenhouseRowHouse StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse

StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse from FlowerHouse

This mini greenhouse kit is a RowHouse StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse from Flowerhouse Greenhouses. It is the perfect starter kit for those of you who are new to gardening and greenhouses! Perfect for people who do not have alot of space to put their greenhouse.

These mini greenhouses kits start at about $130.00, this is without not the total price with shipping costs included. The StarterHouse is manufactured by FlowerHouse and is distributed through hundreds of distributors.

If this product interested you please contact us by posting your own comment on this blog and we will set you up with the best distributor of these mini greenhouse kits.

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

February 04, 2009

Conservatory mini greenhouse kits from FlowerHouses

Conservatory Mini Greenhouse Kits from Greenhouse FlowerHouses Garden Supplies

These conservatory mini greenhouse kits are manufactured by FlowerHouse Greenhouses, they are the perfect way to begin your home garden. Great for those with little available space! They all are equipped with a money back guarantee, check them out!
Conservatory FlowerHouse Greenhouse
Conservatory FlowerHouse Greenhouse
The Conservatory Greenhouse kit is awesome, everyone that owns one falls in love with it in just a short period of time. I am thinking about buying myself one in the near future, they are a great addition to gardens. Not to mention they add thing certain look to your home making it extremely desirable and ultimately go up in value. I am not alone in loving this miniature greenhouse, many people of all ages and colors think this greenhouse is beautiful. It is made from FlowerHouse greenhouses so you know that it is high quality, it also comes with a 3 year warranty and free shipping! How much better could it get? I have no clue!

Customer Greenhouse Reviews

Official Conservatory Product Review Conclusion:

The Flower House Conservatory green house model is an excellent buy, because of its excellent durability, portability, and is very spacious with an interior size ranging at 104" by 120" in diameter. Coming with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee and a limited three year manufacturers warranty, our staff feels that this is one of the safest greenhouses you can buy. Weighing in at 69 pounds, this product shipping costs will not be expensive even if you live outside of the United States.

Overall we have concluded that the team at FlowerHouse horticulture supplies, have created an excellent and efficient product that receives our two thumbs up recommendation.