February 05, 2009

StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse

RowHouse StarterHouse Mini GreenhouseRowHouse StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse

StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse from FlowerHouse

This mini greenhouse kit is a RowHouse StarterHouse Mini Greenhouse from Flowerhouse Greenhouses. It is the perfect starter kit for those of you who are new to gardening and greenhouses! Perfect for people who do not have alot of space to put their greenhouse.

These mini greenhouses kits start at about $130.00, this is without not the total price with shipping costs included. The StarterHouse is manufactured by FlowerHouse and is distributed through hundreds of distributors.

If this product interested you please contact us by posting your own comment on this blog and we will set you up with the best distributor of these mini greenhouse kits.

Mini Greenhouse Kit Reviews

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