February 19, 2009

Durable Rion Greenhouses

Durable Rion Greenhouses

These great Rion Greenhouses from MiniGreenhouseKits.com are very durable and come with awesome 5-20 year warranties. Great for gardening all year long, and they have a real door attached to them! Not one of those zip up or plastic doors, but a full lock and key mechanism.

Each of these rion green house kits comes with free shipping and the truth is that they stock only the best greenhouses on the market. The features of these rion greenhouses include automatic window openers, roof vent systems, greenhouse heaters, sliding doors, adjustable polycarbonate panels, and more.
Rion Greenhouses
Rion Greenhouses

The polycarbonate panels are nearly unbreakedable, completely UV resistant, and appear to be glass, they are clear as day! Now they have unique "Snap N Grow" polycarbonate panels that install to your greenhouse frame in nearly seconds. This feature makes greenhouse assemble very simple and easy. We give two huge thumbs up to these greenhouses!

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