March 02, 2011

What Are Cold Frame Greenhouses?

Cold frame greenhouses can be the ideal way for a regular person the have their own greenhouse, no matter where they live or budget.

A cold frame greenhouse is the most basic protection of your plants or garden.
  • Because they are made from a simple wood or PVC plastic frames with a clear thin material for the roof.
  • This doesn't necessarily mean they are cheap and won't hold up to the first change in the weather, these are made from a variety of materials that are meant to last.

While you can buy some cold frame green houses that are small enough to come fully assembled, larger models are best purchased as a kit.

  • While the DIY person can buy plans and create one on their own, many who want a greenhouse want to be able to get it up fast.
  • A kit comes with everything you need to build the greenhouse, and depending on the kit may come with lengths that are already cut, and the holes for the hardware already drilled.
  • It really depends on how large the greenhouse is, and how much you have to spend.

One of the nice things about buying cold frame greenhouses in kits is that you can choose from many different options.

  1. You can have vents if you want, and some of the basic models come with solid doorframes, or zippered closures on the ends.
  2. You can also get mounting brackets for lighting panels, it just depends on the retailer.

There are some drawbacks to cold frame greenhouses.

  1. Some of the materials are non-rated buildings, and most are not able to deal with heavy snow or high wind areas of the country.
  2. For these either a more expensive kit is recommended.
  3. Another couple of things you may consider when you buy these greenhouses are that you should make sure you don't need a building permit, and call the cable and other utility companies to come and check for underground lines.

While you can put up cold frame greenhouses on any level surface, it is recommended that you put in an edge foundation or at the very least put the posts three feet into the ground. Ideally, if you are going to put the structure into the ground that the holes are filled with concrete.

There are many different companies that sell cold frame greenhouses online.

  • It is important that you visit these sites carefully because prices can vary greatly.
  • The first thing you want to do is measure the space you are going to need to cover, and then account for the height.

Go to some of these sites, look around for what kinds of different materials they offer, their pros and cons, and then choose the one that fits your needs and your budget the best.

  • If you really can't decide, then choose the one that offers free shipping, and the one that has a warranty on their products.
  • Whichever retailer you choose, make sure they offer a double layer of covering, with UV protection, so you don't have to change out the poly film as often.
  • The best place to buy cold frame greenhouses is from Mini Greenhouse Kits, their selection and prices are unbeaten by all, and they have the highest quality products on the market, guaranteed.