May 03, 2009

STC Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse

Easy 2 Build STC Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse

The STC EasyGrow 8x10 Greenhouse Kit has a beautiful Forest Green color aluminum constructed framing and is extremely durable! Our Easy 2 Build Easy Grow Greenhouse Review shows that it is very user friendly and designed to be safe for family use. Features a poly cover that is completely UV protected. The Easy Grow 8x10 Hobby Greenhouse is a very popular customer choice and favorite by many, because of its reliability, inexpensive price, and amazing features not possible at this price!

The Easy 2 Build Greenhouse Kit features new "Snap n Click" connector's for assembly, which makes setting up quick and convenient. You can assemble the EasyGrow 8' x 10' Greenhouse in just one day and even faster with 2 plus persons. Greenhouse kit comes with a complete set of illustrated assembly instructional Manuel, which shows step-by-step how to install and assemble this hobby greenhouse kit. The tools needed for installation are just a Phillips Screwdriver and a pair of Pliers, that's it! The fact that these are the only tools needed shocks many, because it is such a beautiful and semi large greenhouse.

Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse
Easy Grow 8x10 Greenhouse

The Warranties EasyGrow Greenhouses Include

The frame of all Easy Grow Greenhouses are backed with life warranties and the polycarbonate greenhouse covers come with a 7 year discoloration warranty. Most greenhouses are not backed by such great warranties, this tells you that your purchase is safe and that this is a great buy!

The EasyGrow Greenhouse aluminum construction means that all needed components for your Easy Grow hobby greenhouse kit will be delivered in 2 manageable cartons by FED-EX service! One level of removable greenhouse ventilated shelving on both sides of greenhouse the full length. The Built In Shelving makes the greenhouse very sturdy.

EasyGrow Greenhouse 8' x 10' Interior
EasyGrow 8' x 10' Greenhouse Interior

Product Features:
- Strong Aluminum Frame
- 4mm. twin-wall opaque poly cover
- Standard roofing ventilation windows to provide air circulation.
- REAL Door - Features a strong durable aluminum frame hinged door!
- This EasyGrow Greenhouse Kit does not need a base!
- Super Strong With Superior Criss Cross Steel Wiring.
- Assembly tools are just a Phillips Screwdriver and Pliers, that's it!
- Automatic vent window opener's come with purchase!

More Product Information
Model: EasyGrow 8' x 10'
Retail Price: $1,799.99
Mini Greenhouse Kits Price: $1,249.95
Dimensions: 8' x 10'
Shipping cost: Free shipping for those who are located within the United States!
Warranty: Frame is covered by a life time warranty & greenhouse cover is covered by a 7 year manufacturer warranty.
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