May 02, 2009

Rion Prestige & Rion Green Giant Greenhouse Review

Rion Prestige & Rion Green Giant Greenhouse Review

Essentially, the only reason we’ve not given the Rion Prestige/Rion Green Giant the top spot rather than the Rion Professional, is because of the price. In fact, it’s taller than the Professional and it comes with more accessories as well but unfortunately, the price places it at a slight disadvantage when compared to that of the Rion Professional. In addition to being just over a foot taller than the Rion Professional, it also comes with clear side panels, as does the Rion Prestige. For any gardener requiring the many benefits of the Professional series, but who would prefer having clear side panels and a little extra head room, the Green Giant or Prestige greenhouse would be the better option.

Primary Benefits Of Green Giant Greenhouses And Pretige Greenhouses

The primary advantage of the Prestige or Green Giant series over other models is the variety of available sizes, ranging from a mediocre 8’x8’ all the way through to 8’x24’ or more. The nice thing about the Prestige/Green Giant is that the size can be increased in 4” increments and for added convenience, the 4” extensions can be purchased separately at any time. For example, if when you first start out you decide to settle for a 8’x8’, only to realize a few months down the line that you really could do with a larger greenhouse, you simply purchase the relevant extensions, thus allowing you to add on adequate middle space.

Best Features
The second most noticeable feature is the way in which it gets shipped. For the most part, it gets shipped via either Fedex or UPS in multiple packages, all of which are reasonably sized. Those who’ve bought similar sized greenhouses in the past will know that many are delivered on the back of a flatbed truck because of their size. Of course, this also results in some companies insisting that the client be responsible for the off-loading. Considering the obvious advantage of having your greenhouse delivered in manageable sized boxes, it’s hardly surprising that this was highly regarded by the review panel.

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