April 18, 2009

Juliana Basic Greenhouse Kit Review

Juliana Basic Greenhouse Kit Review

The Juliana Basic Greenhouse kits use a revolutionary new design which uses zero messy silicone or unsturdy clips to fasten the polycarbonate panels to the frame. Instead the panels are inserted and secured directly to the frame. This gives your green house the durability and structural integrity needed to survive in all weather conditions.

Features Of Juliana Basic Greenhouses

The Juliana Basic green houses are recommended for people with limited garden space, or gardeners who are new to green house gardening. Remember! All kits include a sliding door for easy green house access and an adjustable window vent for added ventilation. The Juliana aluminum frames are made from maintenance-free aluminum and the insulated high quality polycarbonate panels keep your plants safe from damaging weather and temperatures to extend your growing season.

Basic Juliana 450 Greenhouse Kits Include

Durable aluminum frame
Mounting hardware
4mm twin-wall polycarbonate covering panels
A sliding door and adjustable window vent
12 year guarantee!
Basic 450 Green House

These kits are amazing and definitely worth buying or at least taking a look at, especially if your a hardcore gardener! Really, I am a greenhouse expert so trust me. I really love this greenhouse manufacturer, they always provide premium products backed by long warranties of over 20 years. Today, it is hard to find this kind of manufacturer, most people are too concerned with making money, but not Juliana garden supplies.

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