March 14, 2009

Easy 2 Build Easy Grow Greenhouse Kit

Easy 2 Build Easy Grow 8x8 Greenhouse Kit

EasyGrow Easy 2 Build Greenhouse
The Easy 2 Grow Greenhouse 8x8 is six feet in width by 8 feet in length! It is extremely spacious and has head space of seven feet and two inches. This EasyGrow greenhouse has a beautiful green paint job on the greenhouse frame. The frame is made out of aluminum and is super durable! The greenhouse polycarbonate covering that is layered four millimeter's deep.
~ Roofing ventilation system circulates air amazingly.
~ Includes ground stakes for set up, a roofing vent, and full shelving.
~ Criss-cross steel wires for extreme stability.
~ Quick and easy assembly.
~ Push and click connections for easy assembly.

The Easy 2 Build EasyGrow 8x8 greenhouse kit comes with a seven year greenhouse manufacturer warranty! It has a retail price of $1450, but is on sale for just $1149! You can't go wrong with this featured hobby greenhouse, it comes with great warranties and free shipping. Every person I have ever spoken with that owned one of these fell absolutely in love with it! The customers don't lie, its a common fact, so if you don't believe me then go out and ask an owner of one of these amazing rion greenhouses.
Easy 2 Grow Greenhouse 8x8

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