March 03, 2009

STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse

STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse 8x8

The amazing high quality premium STC Greenline 8x6 Rion Greenhouse are amazing hobby greenhouse kits that feature some of the most advanced greenhouse technologies that exist! This rion greenhouse comes complete with automatic greenhouse window openers, Louvre style windows, and a free greenhouse heater.

It is priced at just about 750.00 dollars when it is discounted, the retail value of this greenhouse kit is above 1200.00 dollars, which still isn't a bad price considering the high quality and amazing extra features that come with it.

STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse
STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse

Features Of The STC Greenline Rion Greenhouse

- Has a unique and elegant hunter green color greenhouse frame.
- Extremely durable and beautiful greenhouse aluminum frame.
- A thick glazed layer of polycarbonate.
- Comes complete with roof vents, rainwater gutters and galvanized steel base.
- One year greenhouse manufacturer warranty for frame.
- A five year greenhouse polycarbonate panel warranty.

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