December 13, 2013

What Are the Best Plants to Grow in a Greenhouse?

Learn Which Choices of Plant Life Variety, Are the Best and Most Popularly Grown Plants using Greenhouses

A small greenhouse, even a miniature greenhouse that is covered in plastic rather than glass can be your very best friend. In the summer months, the unheated greenhouse requires no real outlay so far as energy outlay, but rather, relies on the sunlight to get the heat that it needs for the evening hours. 
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If you are new to gardening, a greenhouse is quite a lot less work intensive once you have the greenhouse than an in-ground garden may be.

The many things that can be damaging to the garden are often precluded when you are greenhouse gardening.
  1. There are far fewer insects to combat and the sunshine can be much more easily controlled. 
  2. The ability to control the heat and to ensure proper watering is also easier to accomplish inside a greenhouse.
  3. Greenhouse gardening is actually container gardening in a more controlled environment, and may prevent some of the more difficult issues that you can find with outside gardening.
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In a small greenhouse you have a wide array of options for plants. There is no one single plant that will grow a vast array more than another. Each of the plants may be able to be grown very well inside the greenhouse, but some will of course have a bit of a different flavor than they might otherwise.
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Insofar as the ability to grow the plants and vegetables over the course of the winter, so long as you have a bit of warmth or can guarantee the climate and temperature.

Greenhouse plants can be grown over the winter as easily as they can be in the summer time if you heat the greenhouse to approximately 78-80 during the day and keep the temperature above fifty degrees at night.
  • If you have some means of climate control and heat, as well as a circulation, so that your plants receive the air flow that they need, you will achieve just as much growth during the winter months as you will in the summer time inside a greenhouse.

The greenhouse offers the means to the ability plant the best greenhouse flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables all year long.
  • It protects them from the bugs and from the weather.
  • As the greenhouse is limited in area, you will want to select the vegetables, the flowers, and fruit that will give the best yield of food, or flowers for the space that you use.
  • The highest yield vegetables, fruits, and flowers are listed below, so that you can select from your favorites and those which offer the best production from the allocated space.

Plant the Best Greenhouse Flowers

Greenhouse Vegetables

Depending on the type that you select, carrots should be one of the vegetables that you consider for your greenhouse planting.

  1. They take a great deal less space than most of the other vegetables take and can grow very well with a space of only a couple inches between them.
  2. Two to three inches will give them ample room for growth in the green house.
  3. They do require some space below, but 7-8 inches will suffice in most cases and the carrots can yield a very large amount of vegetables for a very small relative space taken up inside your greenhouse.
  4. They will continue to produce over the summer if you continue to sprinkle seeds. If not, they will produce for about 6 to 8 weeks, offering fresh vegetables the entire time.
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Peppers are another vegetable that you want to consider for your greenhouse gardening.

Offering you a mild flavor from the green or red bell peppers, they are useful for seasoning nearly anything at all and can grow remarkably well in the greenhouse, producing about twice what they might if grown in ground.
They grow better when defended from the heat of the sun and may grow up to 18 inches tall, producing for several months over the summer time. So long as you prevent freezing of the plants they continue to offer vegetables all season. Peppers can be used in canning, can be frozen and can be dried in the microwave so that your harvest, even if excessively large will not go to waste.

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Tomatoes are also a great addition to your greenhouse.

  1. Tomatoes in the greenhouse will ideally be the patio variety rather than those which are grown in ground.
  2. While these tomatoes will grow in your greenhouse and will do well, they ultimately take up a great deal of growing space that you may want for other items.
  3. Limit your tomato plants to the items, that will give a super yield in a smaller space, such as the less bushy tomato plants. Small container spaced tomatoes are very efficient and simple to grow.
  4. These offer nearly as big a harvest from them as the bushier variety of tomato plant, but will be able to be grown in smaller spaces, and be more easily harvested.
  5. The biggest benefit that you will get from tomatoes indoors, is that they are quite prone to insect pests and in the greenhouse you will not fight nearly as many.

Another of the wonderful greenhouse garden plants that you don't want to do without is the leafy vegetable class.

  • Leaf lettuce will produce for most of the summer, is fast and easy to grow and takes less space than nearly any other kind of vegetable.
  • The lettuce plant at the peak, when it is ready to be harvested will take up less than six inches square of your green house.
  • The plants will be mature in a very short time and can be harvested typically in 4 weeks from planting time.
  • The plants will continue to produce as long as you continue to clip and harvest from them, regrowing in a relatively short amount of time.

Your greenhouse can offer you a veritable treasure trove of vegetables, fruits, and flowers all year long for your table and your home.

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